Monday, 27 February 2012

New Chew fell race – 26 February

Some years ago I did the Long Score version of the New Chew as half a pair but the other half knew how to use a map and compass, more than expertly. Kev was here again this year but with a different partner and I had been persuaded that soloing the Scoreless class would be a good morning out. Scoreless is less technical – there is no choice about the controls to be visited, only about the sequence. On the journey to Dovestones reservoir Albert, Tony and I glanced nervously at the low clouds – low clouds that were sitting comfortably on the tops of the surrounding hills, so comfortably that they weren’t for moving before we set off.














The clouds didn’t lift until after I finished and, for once in this type of event, I avoided the temptations of bee-lines across open ground and footpaths that might be on the map but not on the ground and stuck to low level paths and tracks almost all the way round. The non-aggressive lines ensured I didn’t get lost although they were probably relatively slow. I finished in 2:43:08 in 8th (of 15) with which I am quite happy.



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