Monday, 6 February 2012

Kentmere – 05 February

For the last few years we have enjoyed our final Christmas Lunch of the season on the first Sunday in February in the company of Westmorland & North Lancs LDWA Group at the Eagle & Child in Staveley. We have been members of the group for some years and December is always very congested so the move to February is welcomed by all. The meal is preceded by a short walk but this year I preferred to aim for a run round the Kentmere Horseshoe before lunch.

I was pessimistic about the weather, a little optimistic about the conditions and wildly optimistic about the road conditions. The upshot was I couldn’t drive up the valley because the road was still too icy after Saturday night’s frost which meant I had park on the edge of Staveley and run up the valley. The downside was that this wrecked any chance of getting round the horseshoe but should still leave enough time to get to, at least, one of the summits. The upside was - I saw an otter in the river as I was getting ready.


Kentmere-001 Otter in the River Kent

Kentmere-002Across the Kent

Kentmere-003Hugill Fell

Kentmere-004Kentmere with the high fells beyond


By the time I reached Kentmere I would have preferred to go East but having told Pauline I would go round clock-wise I headed towards the church and the Garburn Road. My prints were the first on the track and on up the race route – all in glorious sunshine.


Kentmere-005Looking back to Kentmere and an inversion beyond the mouth of the valley

Kentmere-006Back down into Kentmere again

Kentmere-007Snow drifts on Buck Crag

The drifts around Buck Crag were thigh deep in places and after thrashing around for a while I realised it was either Yoke or lunch and I settled for lunch which meant I had plenty of time to enjoy the snow and appreciate the views.

Kentmere-008Kentmere village with the church almost in the centre of the picture and the hall on the bottom edge

Kentmere-009Kentmere village again with the Howgills in the distance

Kentmere-010Badger Rock

Kentmere-011Row of trees

Kentmere-012Bench waiting to be used

Kentmere-013River Kent

What a contrast with Winter Hill yesterday and not what I planned but a great morning’s run in stunning conditions. About 11 miles this morning to add to yesterday’s 14.5 so not a bad weekend even without seeing a wild otter!


  1. glorious! there is something very satisfying about making fresh tracks isn't there :)

    1. kate - there certainly is. Very satisfying, indeed :~)

  2. That's an amazing set of photographs Ian, much better than the snow scenes I take. My little digital doesn't seem to be able to cope with snow, they come out too blue and blurry - even on the relevant settings.
    Gosh, and you saw an otter. Would have made my day!

    1. Old Runningfox - snow is quite difficult to photograph. Cameras always get the white balance wrong and the picture appears too blue, mine to too but I can correct that afterwards. I think the lack of contrast in snow scenes makes it difficult for the camera to focus - sometimes you have to focus on a hedge or a wall and hold the focus as you recompose the picture.

      Seeing the otter was very special - I had heard of sightings there but couldn't imagine actually seeing one. There were another 8 or 10 people standing about talking or getting changed and none of them saw it. I felt quite privileged and didn't let on.