Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bleasdale Circle fell race – 25 February

Unrestricted visibility and fairly good conditions underfoot helped Simon Bailey get within 3 seconds of the race record when he took first place in the 2012 Bleasdale Circle fell race.


Bleasdale Circle-1Simon Bailey pulling away from the field on the first climb

Bleasdale Circle-2

Bleasdale Circle-3


Bleasdale Circle-4


Bleasdale Circle-5


Bleasdale Circle-6


Bleasdale Circle-7


Bleasdale Circle-8Sarah Sarginson - First Woman

Bleasdale Circle-9

Bleasdale Circle-10

Bleasdale Circle-11

Bleasdale Circle-12

Bleasdale Circle-13

Bleasdale Circle-14


Finally, the reason why (apart from simply enjoying the race) everybody does the Bleasdale Circle ----


Bleasdale Circle-15the Pie’n’Peas afterwards

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  1. Great shots Ian...thanks for catching them!