Monday, 27 February 2012

New Chew fell race – 26 February

Some years ago I did the Long Score version of the New Chew as half a pair but the other half knew how to use a map and compass, more than expertly. Kev was here again this year but with a different partner and I had been persuaded that soloing the Scoreless class would be a good morning out. Scoreless is less technical – there is no choice about the controls to be visited, only about the sequence. On the journey to Dovestones reservoir Albert, Tony and I glanced nervously at the low clouds – low clouds that were sitting comfortably on the tops of the surrounding hills, so comfortably that they weren’t for moving before we set off.














The clouds didn’t lift until after I finished and, for once in this type of event, I avoided the temptations of bee-lines across open ground and footpaths that might be on the map but not on the ground and stuck to low level paths and tracks almost all the way round. The non-aggressive lines ensured I didn’t get lost although they were probably relatively slow. I finished in 2:43:08 in 8th (of 15) with which I am quite happy.



Saturday, 25 February 2012

Bleasdale Circle fell race – 25 February

Unrestricted visibility and fairly good conditions underfoot helped Simon Bailey get within 3 seconds of the race record when he took first place in the 2012 Bleasdale Circle fell race.


Bleasdale Circle-1Simon Bailey pulling away from the field on the first climb

Bleasdale Circle-2

Bleasdale Circle-3


Bleasdale Circle-4


Bleasdale Circle-5


Bleasdale Circle-6


Bleasdale Circle-7


Bleasdale Circle-8Sarah Sarginson - First Woman

Bleasdale Circle-9

Bleasdale Circle-10

Bleasdale Circle-11

Bleasdale Circle-12

Bleasdale Circle-13

Bleasdale Circle-14


Finally, the reason why (apart from simply enjoying the race) everybody does the Bleasdale Circle ----


Bleasdale Circle-15the Pie’n’Peas afterwards

Monday, 20 February 2012

Winter Hill – 19 February

We had a short walk along and around Burnt Edge which lies close to the southern extremities of Winter Hill. Pauline is troubled with a trapped nerve in her back and hasn’t been able to run for a week or two but this week should be her final physio appointment and a return to running.

20120219-winterhill-9Looking almost due east with the outskirts of Manchester in the distance

20120219-winterhill-15Highland cattle

20120219-winterhill-16Tumbling wall and bare tree – characteristic of this end of the hill

20120219-winterhill-19Wall with reeds – indicating how wet the ground is almost all year round

20120219-winterhill-113Broken gate and tumbling wall

20120219-winterhill-100Trees just off Matchmoor Lane

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Haweswater – 18 February

Driving north on the M6 on Saturday morning through rain that was either very heavy or torrential was a fairly miserable experience particularly when we considered the prospects for a run over the high fells above Haweswater. The forecast, which we all desperately wanted to come true, promised a respite from relentless rain after mid-morning. As if by magic or the wave of a fairy godmother’s wand the rain clouds blew through and left behind sunshine and high clouds.

Up over Rough Crag to High Street (which was no place linger in the bitter wind), over Mardale Ill Bell to Harter Fell and Adam Seat before finishing over Branstree in a snow storm. A wonderful winter run – thanks Colin and Brian, thoroughly enjoyed the day and your company.


20120218-haweswater-26Haweswater with Rough Crag and High Street beyond

20120218-haweswater-27Harter Fell, Mardale Ill Bell and Rough Crag

20120218-haweswater-29Look east towards the dam

20120218-haweswater-32Mardale Ill Bell

20120218-haweswater-202Look east towards the dam

20120218-haweswater-204Look east towards the dam

20120218-haweswater-205Looking across to Gatesgarth Pass

20120218-haweswater-209Look east towards the dam

20120218-haweswater-211Brian with Gatesgarth Pass beyond

20120218-haweswater-213Colin leading us to High Street

20120218-haweswater-216Blea Water with Mardale Ill Bell beyond

20120218-haweswater-219Blea Water with Harter Fell beyond

20120218-haweswater-224Looking back down Rough Crag

20120218-haweswater-226Looking back to Rough Crag

20120218-haweswater-231Blea Water and Haweswater

20120218-haweswater-237Red deer in Kentmere


20120218-haweswater-246High Street and many more

20120218-haweswater-254The Survey Post on Branstree with some snow drifting across in front of Kidsty Pike

20120218-haweswater-260Haweswater with snow coming on over High Street

Finally, making our way home in sunshine we passed a stunning Airstream caravan on the motorway – these are fairly heavily processed but the originals, particularly the one of the rear, was burned out by the still very bright sunshine.