Monday, 16 January 2012

Winter Hill – 14 January

Before travelling north to celebrate Dad’s 86th birthday I had a run up Winter Hill, mostly in the dark. A clear sky promised an impressive sunrise and it didn’t disappoint.

20120114-winterhill-2Horwich Parkway railway station

Running from home to the top of Winter Hill is possible by a variety of routes, most of which involve a combination of tarmac and mud and require a combination of cushioning and studs which simply doesn’t exist. Most of the year and all of the winter the only practical way is to settle for cushioning and stick to the tarmac. A shameful admission, I know, but needs must. As it happened I wasn’t the only one on Winter Hill before dawn on Saturday. Once on the road to the mast I could see two lights descending from Rivington Pike and I vaguely remembered seeing two hikers a year ago tramping over Winter Hill in the dark. I met them a little later as they too made their way up the mast road. Approaching the Trig Point I could see another torch and recognised Mark setting up a camera to “film” the sunrise.

20120114-winterhill-4Getting ready to film the sunrise

This might not have turned out to be one of Mark’s best but do look out for him and a few others during the Winter Hill fell race next month when they will filming the race. It was too cold for me to stay for long so I headed for home and a hot shower while Mark waited for the sun.

20120114-winterhill-6Almost first light on Georges Lane

20120114-winterhill-9The two bungalows and trees create silhouettes as the sun rises

20120114-winterhill-15Sun reaches Chorley Old Road

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