Wednesday, 14 December 2011

South Lancs Xmas Charity Walk – 11 Dec


aspull-111-1High clouds above Aspull on Saturday afternoon

I missed much of the best of Saturday’s weather; after a frosty, pre-dawn run I managed only a stroll across the local fields as the clouds swirled high above Aspull producing dramatic skies. By Sunday, as forecast, the weather closed in and Sunday dawned dark, grey and very wet. A year ago the Sunday of the South Lancs Xmas Walk (SLXW) was cold, crisp and clear. The ground was frozen hard and the sunshine was almost warm. The SLXW is a short (12 mile) charity even we have supported and enjoyed for a number of years. In the past I have run there, run the event and run home but one look at the weather on Sunday was enough to convince me that while running there might be fine but hot soup and a lift would be much better than running home.

slxw-4-1Haigh Hall Golf Course – “Closed”

The closed golf course gives an indication of how wet the ground is and the fact that it is still raining means it isn’t going to get any better. The route meanders around the north west corner of Wigan as seems, even on a good day, to cross some of the softest fields in the area.


slxw-6-2One of the locks at New Springs and the Kirkless Hall Inn


slxw-7-3Waiting for the start (1)

slxw-8-4Waiting for the start (2)

After the start it was so wet I put my camera into a dry bag and kept it there – I should probably just have put it in the car and avoided carrying the weight. The rain was reluctant to relent but, as ever, once out, running and keeping warm it turned into an enjoyable morning. Despite the rain and the conditions underfoot we finished within 30 seconds of last year’s time and we have to be pleased with that. Warm soup, dry clothes and a chance to relive the orienteering event Albert and Mark had done the night before completed the morning.

slxw-500-5Mark explains to Albert what he should have done and where he should have gone the previous night

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  1. Thanks for the comment on the blog - I always enjoy reading your own and the photos are just marvellous. I hope to jig up my blog this new year with a lot more challenges... I need the motivation!