Monday, 19 December 2011

Lostock AC: Mince Pie Run – 18 Dec

Joined Lostock AC on Sunday morning for their annual “Mince Pie” run to the Two Lads and then over the top of Winter Hill. Very sociable morning out with mince pies and a “wee dram” at the Two Lads. Plenty of snow but not quite as dry and crisp as yesterday in the Howgills.

winterhill-3-1Meeting in Rivington

winterhill-4-2Meeting in Rivington (ii)

winterhill-5-3Meeting in Rivington (iii)

winterhill-9-4Looking over the Pigeon Tower to the snow covered Cumbrian fells

winterhill-11-5Some of the masts

winterhill-15-6Pause at the Pike

winterhill-17-7Pause at the Pike (ii)

winterhill-22-8Looking south west under a dramatic sky

winterhill-27-9South from the Two Lads to Manchester

winterhill-30-10One of the masts

winterhill-31-11Looking north from Winter Hill summit

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  1. I like that idea - I'd run anywhere for a mince pie and a dram!