Saturday, 17 December 2011

Howgill Fells – 17 Dec

After considering a number of options during the week Colin and I headed north to the Howgills where we were pretty sure we would find some snow and some quiet and beautiful hills – we weren’t disappointed. Climbing out of some low cloud to enjoy warm sunshine while sheltered from the bitter wind. The weather seemed to decide to allow us a couple of hours of pure, unbeatable enjoyment before reminding us that December is winter, after all. The cloud base dropped as we approached our final summit while flurries of snow accompanied us back down to the road but none of this could take away from a wonderful winter outing.

howgills-505-EditApproaching Sedberg and the sun creeps over the horizon

howgills-513-EditFarm building below the fells

howgills-9-EditClimbing by the side of Cautley Spout


howgills-10-EditCautley Spout

howgills-11-EditTowards The Calf

howgills-16The sheep pen just visible in the photo above – the corner is a cone with quarter cut out of it to produce a corner

howgills-24-EditYarlside and Ben End looking north east

howgills-25-EditYarlside looking north


howgills-37-EditSouth west towards Barbondale

howgills-38-EditLooking north west over more snow covered fells

howgills-45-EditYarlside catches some sunshine but when we reached the summit the cloud base dropped and it was snowing

howgills-50-EditSun streaming into the valley


  1. I have never seen the howgills look more lovely and inviting.

  2. I think these are some of the best photos you've posted Ian!

    I'm ashamed to say I've never been up on the Howgills in spite of driving past on the M6 dozens of times. That's the first of my New Year resolutions sorted then! ;-D

  3. kate - thanks,it was a short but near perfect outing.

    Derby Tup - thank you very much. That would be New Year Resolution to keep.