Sunday, 13 November 2011

Winter Hill – 12 November

After being stuck indoors (almost like being on the “naughty step”) all week with an unhappy knee I set out for a steady 10 miles to see how much the rest had improved things. Despite the very wet ground and the low clouds it was great to be out again and my knee was tolerably happy – and so am I.

WH_20111112-001The Shooting Hut

WH_20111112-002Inflow at Smithills Reservoir

WH_20111112-003Below the Shooting Hut

WH_20111112-004Looking towards Barrow Bridge

WH_20111112-005Dropping out of the clouds at Montcliffe Stone Quarries

WH_20111112-006Trees between Montcliffe Stone Quarries

All being well with my knee I might manage  a few more gentle miles on Sunday to get to the Remembrance Day service at the Bomber Memorial.

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