Monday, 7 November 2011

Rucksack Club: West Pennines Walk – 05 November

Pauline’s second Meet as Leader and for the second time it is a November walk which means all planning can be wrecked by bad weather – it also means a week of forecast watching, trying to decide what might be realistic on the day. Having decided, last weekend, that the original first half was too ambitious was a good decision except that it might mean a sheltered spot for lunch could be difficult. Despite all the forecasts the day started a bit damp and gloomy but improved throughout and ended in golden sunshine.

RC_WH-001Felled tree at Rivington

RC_WH-002Road from the Upper Barn car park

RC_WH-003Bathing Pool in the Chinese Gardens below the Pigeon Tower

RC_WH-004Winter Hill masts from the Two Lads

RC_WH-005Rivington Pike with the Lancashire Plain beyond

RC_WH-006The party at the Trig Point on Winter Hill

RC_WH-007Winter Hill above Belmont Reservoir

RC_WH-008Dennis with Murphy who seems awfully interested in the piece of Parkin

RC_WH-009The Holy Well at Hollinshead Hall

According to Wikipedia a Holly Well or Sacred Spring is a small body of water emerging from an underground source and revered in either a Pagan or Christian context although it may often refer to a water source of some significance in local folklore. While Hollinshead Hall probably takes its name from the family name there is evidence of settlement of Saxon/Viking origin and it may be that Hollinshead is a corruption of Holy Well instead.


RC_WH-010On Great Hill summit

RC_WH-011Winter Hill from Great Hill

RC_WH-012White Coppice

RC_WH-013Fungi on a tree near White Coppice 


RC_WH-014Late afternoon sunshine across a reservoir

RC_WH-015Winter Hill in sunshine

RC_WH-016Winter Hill under the moon with the masts, Pigeon Tower and Rivington Pike all visible on the skyline

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  1. haha, i love the great hill summit photo, perfect for a caption competition!