Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Parlick Fell Sunset – 06 November

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to spend all day on the hills and so it was last Sunday, despite the glorious weather. A sunrise run, a day of chores and then off to Parlick Fell late in the afternoon to watch the sun setting over the Irish Sea. We weren’t the only ones on Parlick Fell late in the day, many were going down but a discerning few were heading up.


PF-001Must be good, whatever it is they are looking at


PF-002From Parlick Fell looking to Fair Snape Fell

PF-003Descending to the south west

PF-004Another photographer waiting on the last of the light


PF-006Finger Post and Stile


  1. Nice pictures. We were only out for the last of the sun as well. The best part of the day.

  2. Good stuff Ian. I often time a walk or run up my local hill, Beamsley Beacon, to coincide with the sunset