Sunday, 13 November 2011

Harrock Hill sunset – 12 November

After running inside a cloud this morning on Winter Hill we were happy to go and try to see the sunset from somewhere else late in the day. Harrock Hill has some attractions although convenient parking isn’t one of them. This meant that we had less time than planned but it also meant that we arrived while the security guard’s supervisor was still on site at the reservoir. This may all seem somewhat oblique but there is some maintenance work being carried out on the covered reservoir and that seems to warrant a night watchman – normally the site is all fenced off with no public access to the Trig Point but Pauline asked nicely if we could photograph the sunset. Not quite sure why anyone would want to, the supervisor allowed us on to the site, to the Trig Point and to enjoy the sunset.  




Something of a contrast with the almost entirely grey morning on Winter Hill which was clearly visible behind us but too far to photograph in the failing light.

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