Sunday, 20 November 2011

Winter Hill – 19 November

After an easy week, in terms of running, my knee is showing signs of recovery despite the occasional painful twinge. A golden start to Saturday made the early start worthwhile. Running somewhat gently, especially to begin with, helps and allows the day to be fully savoured. My target of twelve miles was easily exceeded and by the end I was beginning to wonder if my knee has sorted itself already but a final twinge reminded me that another easy week will help.

WH20111119-001Looking south on the M61

WH20111119-002Sun about to shine on Georges Lane on Winter Hill

WH20111119-003The trees between the quarries

WH20111119-004Looking over Bolton

WH20111119-005Looking south towards Manchester

WH20111119-006Bracken catching the sun

WH20111119-007Freshly painted Trig Point

WH20111119-008The masts from Counting Hill

WH20111119-009Balloon drifting east

This was a glorious morning, one that was over too quickly, one that reminded me why I run in the hills and, more importantly, one that reminded me I need to continue allowing time for my knee to recover. Half-formed plans for next year are already beginning to look doubtful and while a plan B is lurking even it will need two sound knees so another gentle week beckons.


  1. oh dear, i hadn't realised you've been injured. plan a,b,c etc can wait, as long as you can still get out there :)

  2. My right knee niggles from time to time and for most of the year it has been okay but a couple of weeks it got much worse so I am trying to let it recover. Don't want to have to miss the HPM again, if we get a team in ;~)

  3. My commiserations on your knee injury Ian as I'm currently having problems with my own Rt knee. A visit to the physio revealed it was a cartilage problem - so nothing he could do. I can still run and walk OK so long as I dose myself with painkillers first - but fear it might be a keyhole surgery job.
    Another good set of pictures. I've only done the Winter Hill race once when I'd an epic battle with the late, great George Brass - and lost!

  4. Thanks, am pleased you like the photos - it was a pretty good day. I appreciate your commiserations and my knee is improving, I hope another week will see it "almost right". Am sure you are not alone in following George Brass to a finishing line!