Monday, 24 October 2011

Winter Hill – 22 October

With a day slaving over a hot stove planned for Saturday and some gentle recovery likely to be needed on Sunday this didn’t ever look like being a weekend of vast landscapes and sweeping panoramas. I set out early intending to meet the sun on the summit of Winter Hill and while I was there the sun wasn’t; it remained hidden behind a bank of heavy cloud.

20111022-winterhill-6Winter Hill mast

After our badly needed gentle recovery on Sunday we were content to wait on the late afternoon sunshine for a stroll on Winter Hill. For the second time this weekend the sun failed to materialise and we were left under dull grey skies.

20111023-winterhill-20Another way to spend a Sunday afternoon


One of the walls of the quarry that could be extended into an adjacent one, closing a significant footpath in between them – look for the local “Stop The Quarry” posters for more information

20111023-winterhill-2Moss and more on one of the stone walls

20111023-winterhill-27Stone cottages dating from 1801

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