Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Snowdon Sunset – 01 October

At the end of a week of magnificent sunsets we decided we would watch Saturday’s from the summit of Snowdon – we should then be able to run back down to Llanberis in time to eat in one of the pubs. A day with a plan and the first part went well – a great sunrise.

20111001-aspull-3Sunrise in Aspull

We left Llanberis after lunch and followed the Paddy Buckley route up Moel Eillio and along to Moel Cynghorion and on to Snowdon.

20111001-wales-9Looking back to Llanberis and the slate quarry

20111001-wales-15Looking over Moel Cynghorion to Snowdon

20111001-wales-32Cwm Brywnoc and Snowdon summit

20111001-wales-40Looking south west from above Cwm Brwynoc

By now we were beginning to wonder about the sunset – the clouds rolled in on schedule and while they more or less cleared from above the summits there was a pretty solid bank of clouds out to the west. These weren’t supposed to be there and they didn’t look like they would be moving. Snowdon is the most commercialised of the high places in the UK and also, apart from the train, one of the most accessible – which doesn’t make for a quiet peaceful day out.

20111001-wales-41Descending the Ranger Path

20111001-wales-47Descending by train

20111001-wales-57Not descending by (abandoned, again) 4x4

20111001-wales-52The Miners Track descending below Crib Goch

20111001-wales-50Snowdon summit with Y Lliwedd beyond


The bank of clouds out to the west stayed put and thwarted our plans to watch the sunset from the summit but we did catch sight of the moon just before darkness and for an hour or so we had Snowdon, mostly to ourselves.


  1. you've captured the magic of those quiet moments on the big hills perfectly.

  2. Thanks Kate, it is just a pity about the "madness" near the summit.