Monday, 17 October 2011

Middle Fell with Joss – 16 October

As is the tradition, Joss led the Sunday morning walk from Greendale. Unlike Saturday, the weather was cloudy, claggy, sunny and rainy so the views weren’t extensive and non existent from the summit of Middle Fell.


20111016-JNLCDinner-20Wast Water and the head of Wasdale

20111016-JNLCDinner-22The Screes

20111016-JNLCDinner-5052Joss with his walking poles

20111016-JNLCDinner-5065With his dogs on his seat

20111016-JNLCDinner-5070Looking back down to Greendale Bridge

20111016-JNLCDinner-5076The summit of Middle Fell

20111016-JNLCDinner-5079Just below the cloud base on our way back down

20111016-JNLCDinner-5082Greendale Bridge, Wast Water and the Screes


  1. Never seen Joss using poles before! Love that top shot looking towards Wasdale Head. Very Heaton Cooper-ish, if you know what I mean.

  2. I think the poles are this year's vintage.

    Am pleased you like the top shot, I hadn't seen the tree, by the side of the road, from that angle and it adds a bit of interest to the middle distance.