Sunday, 9 October 2011

Langdale Horseshoe fell race – 08 October

Conditions weren’t as bad as the forecasts suggested they might be for the 14 mile, 4000 feet race around Great Langdale but they were something of a contrast with those enjoyed in 2010. This year, to describe it as “treacherous underfoot” gives an idea but doesn’t really come close.

20111008-lakes-1Car park with low clouds hanging about

20111008-lakes-3Leo and some Achilli Ratti runners “warming up”

20111008-lakes-4Getting ready

20111008-lakes-5 At the start

20111008-lakes-6Climbing out of Great Langdale

20111008-lakes-7Towards Stickle Tarn

20111008-lakes-8Climbing towards Tongue Head

The rain after Tongue Head was heavy enough to threaten my camera so I stowed it for the rest of the race which is probably just as well as I took a couple of heavy falls and I doubt the camera would have survived the first one. On both occasions traversing a steep muddy slope the ground gave way and fortunately I avoided rocks both times. Results aren’t published yet but I wasn’t disappointed to be only 10 minutes slower than last year in in 03:28:54 . I did add half a mile to last year’s route – without even knowing I had been lost!

Thanks to the Race Organiser Roger Bell, Marshals and all other helpers.

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  1. boy, if you say it was a bit 'treacherous under foot' i can only imagine that the reality was a blimin' nightmare!! hope you're not too bruised and battered. oh, and well done on the time, only 10mins slower in those conditions is really good going :)