Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Arenig Fawr fell race – 02 October

The Arenigs are completely unknown to us and our knowledge of mid Wales is almost non existent apart from a route to Aberystwyth from the English border used by the “Across Wales” LDWA type event that we have walked and run a couple of times. An invite to marshal from Yiannis provided the excuse to which we added the previous day’s visit to Snowdon and decided to make a weekend of it.

The results are available here but without number so I am unable to identify some of the runners but if you know who they are please leave a comment with names & numbers and I’ll update this post.

20111002-wales-88Registration and the cafe

20111002-wales-102First Man - Martin Cliffe

20111002-wales-103Second man – Ed Gamble

20111002-wales-107First Lady and third overall - Jackie Lee




20111002-wales-114Paul Bowes



20111002-wales-115Andy Howie

20111002-wales-118Steve Cliff



20111002-wales-125The cairn at CP1 that provided a little, badly needed shelter from the wind

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  1. I am 279, Paul Bowes - Shropshire Shufflers - looking windswept but enjoying myself. The results are on the WFRA website.