Monday, 26 September 2011

Duddon Valley – 24 September

Earlier in the year than usual but not early enough to avoid the rain and low cloud that seemed to plague the Rucksack Club fell race when it was held in October. The format seems to be settled as a score event which allows everyone to bite off a little more than they can chew, generally. Clearing weather was forecast although it seemed late in arriving which ensured we were pretty well soaked by the time the rain went off.

20110924-RCFR-3The front garden at High Moss with plenty of rain and low clouds

20110924-RCFR-3-2Some hours after setting off we dropped out of the clouds by Seathwaite Tarn

20110924-RCFR-5The dam wall at Seathwaite Tarn

20110924-RCFR-6Seathwaite Tarn

20110924-RCFR-13Pauline slogging up the final climb

20110924-RCFR-18Stream by the side of Walna Scar Road

20110924-RCFR-16Walna Scar Road – almost done

After almost 5 hours, with about 10 minutes to spare, we reached High Moss and the finish. We failed to find two of the controls we went looking for and decided not to try for the furthest three but probably ended with our highest score. Whatever happens, this is part of a great Rucksack Club weekend with a communal meal after a visit to the pub and plenty of opportunities to discuss the day’s exploits in front of a roaring fire. Huge thanks to Dick Pasley for making it all happen as well as providing excellent victuals.

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