Monday, 5 September 2011

Ben Nevis race – 03 September

Driving north through heavy rain under a leaden sky suggested the poor forecast might not be wrong. Ben Lomond was barely visible on the way north but a short break between the storms on Rannoch Moor gave us our first real views.


20110902-Lochaber-3015Looking north towards Glen Coe under a stormy sky

Saturday morning weather seemed to be improving and there was real sense of optimism about the conditions improving, despite the showers.

20110903-Lochaber-3029Keiran and Mandy looking forward to another “Ben”

I packed a camera carefully hoping it would be worth taking up the hill but the weather only really relented when I was descending and that isn’t the time to be stopping or trying to stop to take photographs. Fortunately, Pauline braved the conditions and struggled with the clag to take some photos at the Red Burn – the following are all hers.

20110903-untitled-1062Most of the Bowland contingent

20110903-untitled-1234Sarah Ridgeway (who would stop to help an injured runner and forego her third place in the race)

20110903-untitled-1267Emma and a slightly less elegant Carnethy runner

20110903-untitled-128120110903-untitled-128620110903-untitled-132520110903-untitled-1366Rare appearance as myself

I finished a couple of minutes slower than my 2010 time when conditions were better underfoot and the results can be found here.

As if to taunt us the weather continued to improve during the evening and Sunday was almost like a summer day, as we drove home.


20110903-Lochaber-3042Looking north from Onich, south of Fort William


20110903-Lochaber-3056Balachullish Bridge


20110904-Lochaber-3061The Pap of Glencoe above Glencoe village

20110904-Lochaber-3069Jimmy Saville’s cottage in Glencoe

20110904-Lochaber-1082Ben Lomond across Loch Lomond


  1. that's a fantastic photo of emma and carnethy runner, really captures fell running/racing!

  2. very nice photos never been up winterhill but i will be going with my camrea