Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Winter Hill – 20 August

A welcome return on Saturday to the green grass and purple heather of Winter Hill which, for once, was bathed in warm sunshine for much of the morning. The contrast between here and the hills we visited in Turkey could not be more complete; height, vegetation, remoteness, temperature, number of visitors and so on. Curiously, at least to me, thistles are found in both places and I so thought it might provide a link if I photographed a Winter Hill thistle to compare. I did and managed to find one with an insect feeding – but not, sadly, a Hummingbird Hawk Moth as on the thistle on Suphan Dagi.

20110820-WinterHill-1Sunshine through the trees on Gingham Brow

20110820-WinterHill-5Big sky above the Lancashire Plain

20110820-WinterHill-6Towards Snowdonia over the Reebok Stadium from the only footpath access to the moors at this end of Horwich – which would be fine if the local quarry owner didn’t want it removed so that he could combine two quarries

20110820-WinterHill-9Winter Hill masts and the Shooting Hut ruin

20110820-WinterHill-14Smithhills Reservoir


20110820-WinterHill-18Trig Point (in case you hadn’t guessed)

20110820-WinterHill-24Thistles with insect

20110820-WinterHill-31Lancashire Plain from Rivington Pike

20110820-WinterHill-33Rivington Pike and part of the garden with its blue trampoline behind Pike Cottage

20110820-WinterHill-38Looking south east towards the Peak District