Thursday, 18 August 2011

Mount Ararat – Summit Day, 29 July

Breakfast is early enough to be up and out by 02:00 for the 4 hour climb to the summit. The plan is to be off the summit before the morning's wind starts to build but it beat us to it by starting the night before. About half the climb is in the dark and most of it is sheltered but climbing up into the wind isn't pleasant and the temperature remains below freezing. As the sun rises it casts a huge shadow of Mt (Greater) Ararat over the plain below before illuminating Lesser Ararat


20110729-Turkey-5045Shadow of Mount Ararat

20110729-Turkey-5048Lesser Ararat from near the summit of Great Ararat

20110729-Turkey-5055Summit photo

20110729-Turkey-2306High Camp (to the right of the lower snow field)

20110729-Turkey-2310Part way down to High Camp

20110729-Turkey-2313Almost there

20110729-Turkey-2317Lesser Ararat from High Camp

20110729-Turkey-2316Looking back up the route which essentially follows the skyline

20110729-Turkey-2315After second breakfast, getting ready to descend to low camp for our last night on the mountain

20110729-Turkey-2338Summit from Low Camp

20110729-Turkey-2321Low Camp

20110729-Turkey-2332Baggage Train Chief

20110729-Turkey-2319Evening clouds start to build on the summit


  1. You certainly get about a bit! Great photos, love the one of you both on the summit.
    Don't suppose you came across an Ark anywhere up there?

  2. Thanks Old Runningfox, glad you like the photos. Missed the Ark but it was too cold to hang about.