Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mount Ararat – Final Day, 30 July

Day break is followed by camp break as we get ready to leave the slopes of Mount Ararat and head for Van and flights home. Time for cay with the Baggage Train Chief and his family, time to give in to the local kids’ pleading for chocolate, a short visit to Isak Pasa palace in Dugubeyazit and then we really are heading home.


20110730-Turkey-2358Loading the horses for the final time

20110730-Turkey-2361Final descent

20110730-Turkey-2370The PKK attacked the vehicles to discourage the building of a road up the lower slopes

20110730-Turkey-2378Local kids with one of their dogs and some of our chocolate

20110730-Turkey-2384High Pastures camp for local shepherds and their families

20110730-Turkey-2385High Pastures camp for local shepherds and their families (2)

20110730-Turkey-2391Baggage Train Chief and his daughters

20110730-Turkey-2398Last look at Mount Ararat

20110730-Turkey-2404From Isak Pasa palace

20110730-Turkey-2421Isak Pasa palace

20110730-Turkey-2422Isak Pasa palace


  1. I've been following along. What an adventure! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks Glenn - it was quite a trip :)