Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mount Ararat – Day 2, 28 July

Day 2 starts with the sun creeping slowly over Mount Ararat bringing light and warmth to the low camp very gradually. After breaking camp and watching the horses being loaded again our climb to the high camp begins. An easier, shorter day than yesterday but even acclimatised as we are, the lack of oxygen is noticeable. Today will be a short day because tomorrow will be a long one, even if there will only be about 1100m left to climb.

20110728-Turkey-2222Low Camp (1)

20110728-Turkey-2226Low Camp (2)

20110728-Turkey-2230Low Camp (3)

20110728-Turkey-2243Waiting to start loading the horses

20110728-Turkey-2247The High Camp is somewhere up there but below the snow-line

20110728-Turkey-2248Moving the baggage

20110728-Turkey-2256Moving the baggage (2)

20110728-Turkey-2260Tomorrow’s objective – or part of it, getting down safely is more important

20110728-Turkey-2261Moving the baggage (3)

20110728-Turkey-2265Looking back down to the Low Camp

20110728-Turkey-2274Our two guides and the chef

20110728-Turkey-2275Passing horse, loaded and waiting to descent

20110728-Turkey-2281Waiting to descend

20110728-Turkey-2290Route to the top is roughly along the sky line

20110728-Turkey-2302Lesser Ararat (3896m/12782ft) beyond the rubble slopes and small cones of Greater Ararat

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