Monday, 15 August 2011

Mount Ararat – Day 1, 27 July

Day 1 is a straightforward hike up to the low camp, after we recover from the excitement of photographing each other photographing the first good view we see of the mountain. We have already had several “first good views” since arriving in the area last night but this is the first one that really is a good view.

20110727-Turkey-2147First good view of Mount Ararat

The hike begins at the end of a dirt road where horses are loaded with our baggage and we begin to climb not long before the sun reaches its zenith, ensuring a hot day for all. The low camp is a busy place with a number of parties going up or down or merely acclimatising by going up and down but only to the high camp.


20110727-Turkey-2157Straightforward but always up and in the heat of the day

20110727-Turkey-2159Rob on his first Turkish Trig Point

20110727-Turkey-2164Second breakfast although, more probably, lunch

20110727-Turkey-2193Low Camp

20110727-Turkey-2204Mount Ararat from the low camp


20110727-Turkey-2218Two Guides looking at tomorrow’s “Day at the Office”

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