Monday, 8 August 2011

Medetsiz Tepe (3524m/11562ft) – 20 July

Demerkazik was on our list to climb today but it turned out one of its other two summits is higher and involves a bit of rock climbing so we only looked at it from afar and went, instead, to Medetsiz Tepe. Medetsiz is a huge sprawling mountain with five summits, each on its own ridge. In theory, it is possible to bag all five in a day but to do so you would need to be moving quickly and it would be a long day.

20110720-Turkey-3218Grassy alp where the road ends with its abandoned hotel construction

20110720-Turkey-3252Almost halfway to the first ridge with the last of the grass at the foot of the gully

20110720-Turkey-3254Re-grouping ready for the final pull to the ridge

20110720-Turkey-3269Just over the ridge, Recep Ince (our guide) looks at one of the lower four summits

We reached the ridge in about four hours and enjoyed a second breakfast, somewhat in awe of the surroundings. This is a huge barren wilderness and far below in the valley we could see a shepherd moving his flock up to higher ground. There seemed nothing to eat there as the valley floor looked no greener than anything in the above photo.

20110720-Turkey-3282Looking over the summit ridge

20110720-Turkey-3283More of the sprawling ridges


20110720-Turkey-3287The summit


Relaxing on the summit – Bob (on the left) celebrated his 75th birthday today,climbing Medetsiz Tepe, his 150th Ultra

20110720-Turkey-3301Another of the five summits

20110720-Turkey-3306Descending the first ridge

20110720-Turkey-3308On the first ridge

20110720-Turkey-3312Looking back to the summit

This was a pretty big day, four hours from the car to the ridge, a further three hours to the summit and five more hours to descend. For the only time on the trip we were on the verge of running out of time before reaching the summit. The hotel was intended for skiers but a lack of money, to say nothing of water, gas and all other services, caused it to be abandoned but it is the reason of the road which made the whole day possible.

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  1. what a way to celebrate a birthday, let alone your 75th :)