Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kesis Dagi (3546m/11634ft) – 24 July

After a short stop at Kemah Castle to see the waterfalls a long drive from Erzincan to the far side of Kesis Dagi finished about 500 metres high up the mountain than we expected – new new mud road has been extended to the site of a yet to be built refuge. This meant a slightly more leisurely day than planned although the terrain was anything but leisurely.

20110724-Turkey-4041Waterwheel below the waterfalls

20110724-Turkey-4046First view of Kesis Dagi from the “main road”

20110724-Turkey-4055One of the seven lakes below Kesis Dagi with the summit ridge beyond

The morning mist was just beginning to clear as we started the walk-in through some of the most verdant ground we had seen since arriving in Turkey. There is no shortage of water here and this was the once place where we could have collected ground water for drinking.


20110724-Turkey-4057Looking back to the last of the mist

20110724-Turkey-4073Beyond the lakes and the grass the scenery is somewhat different

20110724-Turkey-4076Two of the lakes in the distance as the walk-in is about to start climbing

20110724-Turkey-4082Starting to climb to the ridge

20110724-Turkey-4093Getting there!

20110724-Turkey-4108Summit photo with the local guide  (from left; Bob, Adrian, Andrew, Pauline, Ken, Richard, Rob, Guide, self)

20110724-Turkey-4109From the ridge as afternoon clouds begin to build

20110724-Turkey-4110The rest of the ridge – what a day out that would be

20110724-Turkey-4123The largest of the lakes

20110724-Turkey-4128A local

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