Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Just Us and a Few Ultra Peak Baggers in Turkey – Hasan Dagi

Without realising what we were getting involved in, we accepted an invitation to join a small party of “Ultra” Peak Baggers in Turkey for the second half of July. With Mount Ararat as the final objective and another 6 “Ultras” along the way we would be drawn into the secret world of “Ultra” bagging. “Ultras” aren’t just big hills they are also “relatively big” which is to say that have a significant prominence above the nearest high ground – the theory and lists of peaks can be found on PeakList and Ultras have a prominence of 1500M (4912 feet) or more. Other lists, ascent reports and much more can also be found on Peakbagger. After part of a weekend in Ankara the party assembled and set off for Hasan Dagi (10722ft, 3268M, prominence 1922M), the first of our objectives.

20110718-Turkey-3060Hasan Dagi with an early morning cloud cap

20110718-Turkey-3062Setting off from the Karbeyaz Hotel at around 05:00 (late start)

20110718-Turkey-3078Local shepherd

20110718-Turkey-3079Local shepherd’s lad with some of the flock

20110718-Turkey-3083Pauline and some of the group getting moving after second breakfast

20110718-Turkey-3090The steep loose gully leading to the summit rim

20110718-Turkey-3092Much nearer the top of the gully

20110718-Turkey-3096Karbeyaz Hotel

Hasan Dagi is a volcano with three summits on its rim and we headed, initially, for the lower NE summit where there is a summit register and a toy truck as well. Round the rim we went to reach the highest summit in about 5.5 hours before descending for a cool beer.

20110718-Turkey-3099Summit Register box, toy truck and notice on NE summit with highest summit beyond

20110718-Turkey-3097Uncluttered view of Hasan Dagi summit

These photos and more in a slide show can be seen here

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  1. ah, so that's where you'd disappeared off to! looks fantastic and whole other set of lists to start ticking too ;)