Sunday, 28 August 2011

Grasmere Guides Senior Race – 28 Aug

Way too fast and furious for me but there were plenty of others who seemed to enjoy it – in fact 152 others, a record entry.


First they went up

Senior Guides-1000

Senior Guides-1001Senior Guides-1002Senior Guides-1003Senior Guides-1004Senior Guides-1005Senior Guides-1006

Senior Guides-1007

Then they came back down


Senior Guides-1008Morgan Donnelly – leading and going on to win


Senior Guides-1009Senior Guides-1010Senior Guides-1011Senior Guides-1012Senior Guides-1013Senior Guides-1014Senior Guides-1015Senior Guides-1016Senior Guides-1017Senior Guides-1018Senior Guides-1019Senior Guides-1020Senior Guides-1021Senior Guides-1022Senior Guides-1023Senior Guides-1024Senior Guides-1025Senior Guides-1026Senior Guides-1027Senior Guides-1028Senior Guides-1029Senior Guides-1030Senior Guides-1031Senior Guides-1032Senior Guides-1033Senior Guides-1034Senior Guides-1035Senior Guides-1036Senior Guides-1037Senior Guides-1038Senior Guides-1039Senior Guides-1040

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