Monday, 8 August 2011

Erciyes Dagi (3917m/12851ft) – 22 July

This one was always on our list but a poor Spring followed a winter of heavy snow and even after setting out we still had serious doubts about the snow and the huge gendarme on the ridge.


20110722-Turkey-3435Erciyes Dagi

20110722-Turkey-3453Erciyes Dagi – summit is one of the pinnacles on the ridge on the left

20110722-Turkey-5025Looking back along the ridge with from below one of many pinnacles

20110722-Turkey-5031Very near the summit, having just crossed another snow field

20110722-Turkey-5033Entrance to a small cave on the summit ridge


20110722-Turkey-5035Exit from the small cave on the other side of the summit ridge

20110722-Turkey-5040The final pinnacle

20110722-Turkey-5038Pinnacles below the summit ridge

20110722-Turkey-5032The descent – back down the long ridge

Having worried about the snow – both the amount and its condition – and the huge gendarme we coped with both to reach the summit ridge just over four hours after setting out only to find an unstable pinnacle. It did have a chimney containing an untrustworthy rope ladder and, at least, one member of the party was tempted to scramble to the top before thinking better of it. In the event, we were short of time and had we not left when we did, without climbing the pinnacle, we would have been unable to get off the mountain before it was engulfed in an electrical storm. Here we said goodbye to our guide Recep Ince and started the long journey east towards Mount Ararat.

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