Monday, 29 August 2011

Winter Hill – 27 Aug

A poor weather forecast, a looming string of “away fixtures” and a desire for a long slow run combined to convince me to go no further than Winter Hill for a second week. Up and over to Belmont, along to Darwen Tower and back over Great Hill, where I met Pauline and her running partners. The forecast was something of a curate’s egg and the bad parts were very bad but for the first time since this year’s Wasdale race I enjoyed the miles. The last fortnight’s 100 or so miles have been a real struggle but I found my mojo again and I am looking forward to next week’s Ben Nevis race.

20110827-winterhill-2Looking north west from the climb out of Horwich

20110827-winterhill-7Looking west as low clouds pour in

20110827-winterhill-8Three of the masts and a suggestion of better weather

20110827-winterhill-10Belmont Reservoir in a patch of sunshine (which will be gone by the time I get there)

20110827-winterhill-12wild Montbretia

20110827-winterhill-15Darwen Moor

20110827-winterhill-20Darwen Moor with Pendle Hill in the distance

20110827-winterhill-21Darwen Tower still without its “hat”

After Darwen Tower the previously light and intermittent showers joined up and got quite intense and when I met Pauline on Great Hill my camera was securely stowed in its dry bag, safe from the rain. It eased eventually but rarely for long but the cloud cover remained complete.

20110827-winterhill-31Anglezark Reservoir in the rain 

The forecast for next Saturday in Fort William suggests this morning’s running in the rain might just be good practise.

Grasmere Guides Under 14s – 28 Aug


Fred Reeves (6 times winner of the Senior Guides race in the 1970s) with the first three in boys in the Under 14s race, having just presented them with their medals. Fred now lives in Wisconsin and was back in Grasmere for the first time since 2000. This was special reunion with his old rival Tommy Sedgewick, the new bell man at Grasmere Sports, who won the Senior Guides race on the four occasions in the 1970s when Fred didn’t. 

The Under 14s winner, Chris Richards (80), missed the course record by only a second. His Dad, Duncan, who was there to see him cross the finishing line helped me complete a successful Joss Naylor Traverse a few years ago and it was great to say hello again. Well done, Chris!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Grasmere Guides Senior Race – 28 Aug

Way too fast and furious for me but there were plenty of others who seemed to enjoy it – in fact 152 others, a record entry.


First they went up

Senior Guides-1000

Senior Guides-1001Senior Guides-1002Senior Guides-1003Senior Guides-1004Senior Guides-1005Senior Guides-1006

Senior Guides-1007

Then they came back down


Senior Guides-1008Morgan Donnelly – leading and going on to win


Senior Guides-1009Senior Guides-1010Senior Guides-1011Senior Guides-1012Senior Guides-1013Senior Guides-1014Senior Guides-1015Senior Guides-1016Senior Guides-1017Senior Guides-1018Senior Guides-1019Senior Guides-1020Senior Guides-1021Senior Guides-1022Senior Guides-1023Senior Guides-1024Senior Guides-1025Senior Guides-1026Senior Guides-1027Senior Guides-1028Senior Guides-1029Senior Guides-1030Senior Guides-1031Senior Guides-1032Senior Guides-1033Senior Guides-1034Senior Guides-1035Senior Guides-1036Senior Guides-1037Senior Guides-1038Senior Guides-1039Senior Guides-1040