Monday, 27 June 2011

Winter Hill – 25 June

Running over Winter Hill twice in as many days in contrasting conditions shows just how erratic summer weather in the north west of England is. After another delayed start to avoid the worst of the weather, another delayed start that didn’t, in fact, miss the worst of the weather, I was soon enveloped in the grey swirling mass of wet air and rain that would be constant companions.

20110625-winter hill-1Foxgloves just above Horwich

20110625-winter hill-3Scotsman’s Stump near the summit of Winter Hill

(There is a B+W version of the above along with more information about the iron pillar on my blipfoto journal here)

Despite the conditions it was a joy to be out, and near the Scotsman’s Stump I could hear the cries of Curlews swirling all around me while the birds remained concealed in the clouds. Down to Belmont, over to Darwen Tower (still without its “hat”) and back to Horwich over Great Hill for about 21 miles is just over 4 hours.


20110625-winter hill-6White and Purple Foxgloves

20110625-winter hill-8Winter Hill above Belmont – the best it was all day

20110625-winter hill-11Oak trees on Great Hill

20110625-winter hill-14Looking back up Great Hill to Drinkwaters Farm (where Joe’s Cup may be found)

20110625-winter hill-16Anglezark Reservoir and almost below the cloud base

Pauline was out running on these moors too and we met, quite by accident, just below Darwen Moor to exchange tales of how awful the ground was where we had been – and where it was bad it was very bad indeed. The low level of water in the reservoirs served as the only reminder that it was a mid-summer day and that we had enjoyed a warm, dry sunny Spring. Perhaps it will be better next Saturday.

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