Friday, 10 June 2011

Whit Week 2011 – Part 4: Ennerdale & Duddon – 02/03 June

After the dash south from Lochaber we woke to a warm morning with everything wreathed in low clouds but without the gale-force wind and torrential rain. With a long race on Saturday in Ennerdale I should probably have been resting so we went to Ennerdale to walk, rather than run. There are some remote fells at the western end of Ennerdale that we wanted to visit again and I wanted to look at a counter-intuitive “racing line” over Caw Fell. Last year I lost about 400 yards to another runner who took a line that appears longer and adds climbing so I wanted see how he done it.

20110602-Whit Week 004Caw Fell in low cloud in the distance (from Lank Rigg)

20110602-Whit Week 007-EditLank Rigg Trig Point

By midday the clouds had lifted and the fine weather we had hoped for began to arrive – it also meant I might be able to find the line over Caw Fell that I wanted to see – and it almost seemed like summer.

20110602-Whit Week 021Looking into Ennerdale with the Buttermere fells in the middle distance

20110602-Whit Week 038Ennerdale with the first half of the race route on the ridge beyond

20110602-Whit Week 049Ferns by the final descent of the race route – won’t be time to look at these on Saturday

20110602-Whit Week 058Evening light in Duddon Valley


We found the line over Caw Fell and it is further and does involve more climbing but it is much, much more runnable even at that late stage in the race – and so it proved on the day.

Friday in Duddon valley was a glorious hot summer day, way to hot for racing but way to good to just sit about so we strolled up on to the end of the Duddon Valley race route and sat in warm sunshine contemplating the hills and the sea beyond (and worrying about hot to carry enough water if it is this hot on Saturday).

20110603-Whit Week 001Dry stone wall with Caw (final CP in Duddon Valley race) in the distance

20110603-Whit Week 003Looking north west to Harter Fell (first CP in Duddon Valley race)

20110603-Whit Week 021Back down into Duddon from the Walna Scar road

20110603-Whit Week 050North east up the Duddon Valley

20110603-Whit Week 057The end of a glorious day in Duddon


  1. Thanks for the comment on the site Ian! Love your blog...

  2. Marvin - no, there are few options on Crag Fell as the descent is taped but there are a couple of options, at least, above Silver Cove on Caw Fell. I, now, don't think the most obvious is the fastest.

  3. Breandán - thanks. I always enjoy your blog.

  4. Of course. When I completed the race four years ago, I cut round directly above Silver Cove. I suspect that staying higher might be a better bet.