Thursday, 9 June 2011

Whit Week 2011 – Part 3: Glen Ure & Mamores – 30/31 May

Oban looked bright and sunny in between the showers and eventually we were convinced the forecast improvement had arrived so we headed up Glen Crerran to Glen Ure to approach the ridge above Glen Etive. Dark clouds soon rolled in again and we watched heavy showers race in from the sea.

WW03-1Waterfall at the head of Glen Ure

WW03-2Looking north west down Glen Ure

WW03-3Moss on rocks by the Crerran river

WW03-4Hunting Lodge at the mouth of Glen Ure

The following morning a very slightly better forecast persuaded us to go to the far end of the Mamores and walk back to Mamore Lodge along the ridge. Before we reached Loch Eilde Mor we realised the forecast was probably optimistic – 30 mph wind, scattered showers and 2 deg C on the hill tops. The showers threatened to join up, the wind was gusting over 30 mph but the temperature was probably correct and we could see fresh snow on Ben Nevis.


WW03-5Loch Leven in morning rain

WW03-6Loch Leven and Mamore Lodge under a clearing sky

WW03-7The Grey Corries from Binnein Beag

WW03-8Sgurr Eilde Mor above Coire an Lochain

WW03-9Loch Leven under a heavy afternoon sky

On Binnein Beag the strong wind easily persuaded us to return to Mamore Lodge along the valley rather than high on the ridge. We walked out under a battleship grey sky that foretold the following days’ storms. Conditions the next morning we so severe (torrential rain and 70 mph winds) that we packed up and headed south to the lake District, with the smallest “haul” on Munros ever.

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  1. fantastic photos ian, even if that little glimpse of the whw sends shudders down my spine ;)