Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Whit Week 2011 – Part 1: Gargrave – 28 May

As in previous years we would be going to Scotland but not until after helping an old running friend, John Swift, who would be making a second attempt to run 70 miles of the Pennine Way to celebrate his 70th birthday and raise money for Help For Heroes.

WW01-039Ready to leave Gargrave at 03:00 on a wet Saturday morning

I ran with John for the first 23 miles in conditions that were more often unpleasant than helpful. Pauline met us at a couple of road crossings where, despite her best efforts, we ate little extra and preferred to keep moving in the wind and rain. At Widdop Road, Pauline swapped road support for running support and set off with John and Julie for the next leg while I swapped wet clothes for dry ones and enjoyed some breakfast.

WW01-006At the end of the second leg – John with Julie following and John’s brother Ed with Bill Smith a little further behind

The second leg ended just south of the M62 where a new support team was waiting. Conditions were still far from pleasant but John was just ahead of his schedule and still looking strong. Here Pauline and I “stood down” and set off for Scotland, pleased that we had been able to help John on his way down the last 70 miles of the Pennine Way.

WW01-016John leading the way south into the 3rd leg

John reached Edale around four hours later than originally planned, having battled the weather for almost 23 hours but giving up was never part of the plan and John tells his own story here, on his own blog.

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