Monday, 6 June 2011

Ennerdale Horseshoe fell race – 04 June

“A bright sunny warm morning awaited the marshals, runners and supporters in Ennerdale last Saturday for the Ennerdale Horseshoe fell race” – I wrote in June 2010 and so it was again this year for the best race in the calendar. There are others like the Old County Tops or the Mountain Trial that provide equally great long days on the fells but Ennerdale has a classic horseshoe route up one side of the valley, around the top and back down the other side. The terrain is tough – a mixture of steep rough ground and long grassy runnable sections, when your legs are tired or very tired.



Not everyone is equally relaxed during the race briefing and kit check but some manage to enjoy the sunshine.

EH2011-11All the way up there and back but it is only one lap

EH2011-12Climbing Great Borne

EH2011-13Still Climbing Great Borne

EH2011-14Climbing Red Pike

EH2011-15Still Climbing Red Pike

EH2011-16Buttermere & Crummock Water

EH2011-17Richard Mellon

EH2011-18Leigh Warburton

EH2011-19Huw Price

EH2011-20With Sarah Massey


Finally, time to enjoy the race with Joss who won the first nine Ennerdale Horseshoes.

The results are here. I managed to get round in 05:41:26, 19 seconds slower than last when conditions were, probably, slightly easier. 23 miles, almost 7,000 feet of climbing and tight cut-off times on the early check points make for a tough day out but the scenery and everything else make it all very worthwhile. Huge thanks are due, as ever, to the marshals and everyone else who helps make this race happen.


  1. Well done, Ian- inspirational racing and great photos!

  2. Thanks Rhiannon. Ennerdale is a special day on the fells.