Sunday, 12 June 2011

Andrew Crook’s “Bob Graham” – 11 June

On Friday night at midnight Andrew Crook, Andrew Tibbetts, and Kev Smith left the Moot Hall in Keswick to attempt a clock-wise Bob Graham Round – about 65 miles and 28500 feet of climbing over 42 summits within 24 hours. To try to put this into some sort of perspective; it is like starting at sea-level, 33 miles from the summit of Mount Everest and running to the top and back down within a day and don’t forget more people have stood on the summit of Everest than have completed a sub 24 hour Bob Graham Round (BGR). This weekend is approaching the BGR “rush hour” and there may have been as many as 10 runners out on attempts on Saturday and Sunday.

Earlier in the year I had a couple of recces with Andy and didn’t doubt either his fitness or his commitment and I was delighted to be asked to help on the fifth and final leg from Honister to Keswick. The “Two Andrews” set off together and shared support teams until Dunmail at the end of the second leg when, as planned, they separated to continue at their own pace. The good conditions they enjoyed at night continued throughout the day with only a bit of rain at they were approaching the end of the fourth leg.

At Honister we found many of the earlier leg support runners waiting to encourage them into the final leg with its last three summits.

AC_BGR 003Sarah & Huw looked in while Will & Steve waited on incoming runners

AC_BGR 005Yiannis & Rob arrived with Andrew Tibbetts

AC_BGR 006Andrew Tibbetts preparing for his last leg (Andrew finished in under 22 hours)

AC_BGR 015Low cloud rolling through Honister Pass

AC_BGR 078Waiting for Andrew Crook- Beverley’s anxiety is reflected on the car window

AC_BGR 032Darwen Dashers’ team (and Andrew’s sister) wait on Kev Smith arriving


AC_BGR 085Anxiety gone, especially for Beverley, Andrew’s fiancé


AC_BGR 035Arriving with Stewart (ahead) and Duncan (behind)

AC_BGR 056Leaving Honister for Keswick

AC_BGR 086Last look down to Honister, the last support point

AC_BGR 058A last look up at the departed runners

AC_BGR 089Nearing the top of Dale Head (No 40) and climbing through a layer of cloud

AC_BGR 097Looking north towards Skiddaw the first of the 42 summits

AC_BGR 098Leaving Dale Head

AC_BGR 100Looking west from Robinson

AC_BGR 101Approaching Robinson with the Darwen Dashers team following

AC_BGR 103Robinson summit the 42nd and final summit – just the descent and the road back to Keswick left to do

AC_BGR 062Quick change to more suitable shoes

AC_BGR 109Job Done in 23:14 (I think it was 23:14)

AC_BGR 065“Congratulations”

AC_BGR 111Thirsty Work!

AC_BGR 113Kev Smith (centre) finished minutes later

Congratulations also to Andrew Tibbetts and Kev Smith and amongst the other runners who completed BGRs this weekend is Mark Palmer who got round in a remarkable 14:59. The fourth fastest ever, the second fastest debut and the fastest V40 & V45 round.

It was a huge privilege and an equally huge pleasure to be a part of the Bowland team that helped Andy get round in comfortably under 24 hours. Congratulations Andrew, job very well done.


  1. great inspiring account ian. cheers.

  2. A wonderful pictorial account and a great achievement. Congratulations to all involved.
    Wish I could do that!

  3. Thanks ultra collie & Old Runningfox, it was a great day out and with Pauline taking photographs too we ended up with a better set than usual.