Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Linda Murgatroyd’s Bob Graham Round – 14 May

Linda (Mrs Stagger to the FRA Forum) set off on Friday at the same time as Andy Kitts and while Andy had a few minutes at Honister Linda went straight through and reached The Moot Hall about half an hour sooner.

Fairfield_SIL 038-1At Newlands Church, ready for road shoes and the final push to Keswick

Fairfield_SIL 042-2Absolutely delighted, and why not?

Fairfield_SIL 011-3With some of her Leg 5 Support

Fairfield_SIL 020-4

A very rare Bob Graham Round “Before & After” – Linda with James who was about to set off at 19:00 and finish in 23:25, in less than ideal conditions

Well done, Linda & James

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