Wednesday, 4 May 2011

First Bluebells of 2011 – 02 May

A meandering route from the Duddon Valley on Monday morning took us to Bigland Barrow, another of Wainwright’s Outlying Fells. Some of his routes are a little contrived, seemingly to make it worth the walk but after the last couple of days’ miles I was very happy with the very short stroll from the nearest road. As well as providing a “bad weather” alternative to the high fells the outlying fells, more often than not, provide extensive views and Bigland Barrow is no exception.

High Moss 026Looking north east to the Eastern Fells with Red Screes and some of the Kentmere fells prominent

High Moss 033A long haired cross between Belted Galloway and Highland Cattle, perhaps?

These unusual bullocks were very docile and apart from the occasional look back to at us they carried on eating in the sunshine. In the field beyond we found a hillside of Bluebells – the first we have seen this year in any significant numbers. Every year, we say we will go to Buttermere to see the best display in the Lakes, behind Rannerdale Knotts and every year our diary is full of other things and it looks like we will miss this year’s too.


High Moss 023


High Moss 022

Not as extensive as the area at Rannerdale Knotts but the Bluebells here are just as beautiful especially on a sunny Monday morning.

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