Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Andy Kitts’ Bob Graham Round – 14 May

A couple of unexpected texts from Andy, late on Friday afternoon hinted at and then confirmed he was about to embark on, what he described as a “stealth attempt”, by setting off with Stef French at 19:00 on Friday night. A stomach bug put paid to Stef’s attempt but her re-run is already in the “advanced planning stages” for a couple of week’s time. Our plans for Saturday meant we should be able to see Andy finishing and we were able to see at Newland Church, emerging from the clag on Robinson.


Fairfield_SIL 039-1Looking strong (in hooped hat) with only the road back to Keswick left to do

Fairfield_SIL 014-2

A little anxiety amongst supporters and friends waiting in Keswick, including Linda (eating chips, having finished her own BGR minutes earlier) as the clock creeps ever onward.

Fairfield_SIL 044-323:44 after leaving The Moot Hall and about to touch it again

Fairfield_SIL 045-4Achievement begins to sink in

Fairfield_SIL 017-5Everyone relaxed and some of it can be relived

Well done, Andy!

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