Monday, 14 March 2011

Haworth Hobble – 12 March

Unlike last year’s Hobble the 2011 race took place on a mild day under a grey overcast sky. Pauline & I both entered as “Solos” with Pauline planning to run part it with her partner of last year who had a new “Hobble apprentice”. As ever, the start is too fast but for once I was fairly tentative and still concerned about my knee not standing up to either the climbing or the distance. After 4 or 5 miles I was convinced my knee would be fine and so overjoyed that all thoughts of a sensible pace were banished.

Haworth Hobble 001Assembling for the start in Haworth – with most runners facing the wrong way, perhaps the downhill is more attractive?

Haworth Hobble 003Two Bowland club mates climbing out of Todmordern

Haworth Hobble 004Start of the climb out of ‘Tod’

Haworth Hobble 006Looking west from the climb up Stoodley Pike

Haworth Hobble 008

Declan showing how much he is enjoying the climb with Andy following

Everything went swimmingly until approaching Hebden Bridge when cramp struck and everything became much more of a struggle and the final miles were more painful than usual. I struggled to a sub 6 hour time, a bit over 10 minutes slower than 2010 but my knee was fine.

Haworth Hobble 009Pauline finishing behind Paul & Geraldine

Pauline had a much better race, improving her 2010 time by more than 27 minutes! Results here.

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  1. Well done the pair of you and good to hear your knee held up throughout. Nice picture of Pauline finishing with a smile after her 27 minute improvement.