Monday, 7 February 2011

Drookit – 05 & 06 Feb

On Sunday we met the Westmorland & North Lancs group of the LDWA in Staveley, as we have done for each of the last 9 years (I missed one in 2005 but Pauline hasn’t missed any), for a short walk and then a long Christmas lunch – our last of the season. The weather forecast was awful and, unfortunately, correct. The rain rarely let up, the clouds never lifted and the strong blustery wind always blew. The hills around Staveley are all low but almost all of them disappeared into the clouds.

5-6 Feb-10Bare trees under low clouds

5-6 Feb-11Bare hedge needing some work

5-6 Feb-12Bare trees and saturated ground

5-6 Feb-13 Drookit

5-6 Feb-14River Kent

5-6 Feb-15River Kent again

The company, and lunch, more than made up for the weather and it wasn’t long before we were warm, dry and well fed.

On the Saturday Pauline went out looking at part of the Pennine Way where we will be supporting a long run later in the year while I elected not to go as far afield by running over Winter Hill where the weather was as bad as it would turn out to be on Sunday. The cloud base was very low and the rain unrelenting. After a couple of attempts to photograph the local Highland cattle I couldn’t keep the rain off the lens and so I just put my camera away and carried on running. 

5-6 Feb-1

Before the cattle I came across this green mossy broken wall complimenting the last of the copper leaves for the only Winter Hill photo.

In between these two wet outings we met my brother and his wife for a meal and encountered a birthday celebration on the next table. Serendipitously I had a camera in my pocket and was able to email them the photo later.

5-6 Feb-20Happy Birthday!