Sunday, 23 January 2011

Kinder Trial 2011 – 22 Jan

The Kinder Trial is low key orienteering type of race requiring competitors to visit all 12 checkpoints in any order before finishing at the start. The route is typically 11 miles with about 2000 feet of climbing, in you don’t get lost. The 2010 KT was my first and I enjoyed it so much – the race, the terrain and the fantastic atmosphere – that I vowed to come back again and again.

The year the clouds were low at the start and I gambled on them lifting and so chose to go round anti-clockwise and, being very lucky, the clouds did lift and the last few controls were easier to find than they would have been three hours earlier. The Scout Hut in Hayfield which is the start and finish is simply buzzing with excitement and anticipation as the first runners get ready to leave – all part of the great atmosphere.


Kinder Trial 2011-002Registration

Kinder Trial 2011-004Start & Finish Team

Kinder Trial 2011-001Almost time to go for these three!

Kinder Trial 2011-003Just waiting

Kinder Trial 2011-005Looking back to Hayfield just before disappearing into the clouds

Kinder Trial 2011-006Near K5 looking down to Kinder Reservoir as the low cloud begins to clear out

Kinder Trial 2011-007Waterfall on Red Brook with icicles on the rock face behind

Kinder Trial 2011-008Waterfall on Red Brook

Kinder Trial 2011-009Looking up to Kinder Downfall

Kinder Trial 2011-010Kinder Reservoir

Kinder Trial 2011-011Organiser, Andy Howie with some of the prizes

I had a good run, improving my place and time from last year (although that wouldn’t actually have been awfully difficult) and the results are here. Huge thanks are due to Andy and his team of helpers – this really is a great day out and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

A Google Earth version of my own route is here


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to run! Perhaps I should try one of these orienteering events, sounds quite interesting!

  2. Hey Ian - this is a great blog. You beat me by about a minute- I went clockwise: there's a description on my blog "Slog Up, Stagger Down"

  3. Thanks Jim, am pleased you like my blog.. I'll have a look at yours now.

    Dawn - you should try one, they are good but this one is very special.