Sunday, 2 January 2011

Dreich Days conclude 2010

After the powder snow and the sunshine at Christmas the warmer temperatures brought dreich days with slush and fog while we were still struggling with this season’s cold virus. The local woods and fields were as far as we ventured all week, sometimes running but more usually walking.

Aspull 005Ram or Tup with Pauline

Aspull 003Tup

The tup ran across his field to meet us at a corner. Once there he seemed less sure what to do and seemed disappointed when we didn’t feed him – so disappointed that he gave us an impressive display of head-butting the fence posts which only ceased when we wandered away.


Borsdane Woods-001Holly tree with some Copper Beech trees

Borsdane Woods-002Frozen pond

Borsdane Woods-003Dreich Day – grey sky and low lying mist combine to provide top to bottom dreichness

Borsdane Woods-004Icicle on railway bridge

(the haziness is my breath condensing in the cold air – I should have tried harder to not exhale!)

Borsdane Woods-005Copper Beech trees

Borsdane Wood seemed to be at its least interesting after the snow thawed. With new growth many months away I wasn’t expecting to see anything worth a second glance until I realised many of the Copper Beech trees had retained their copper coloured leaves and how in one or two places they stood out, even against the fallen leaves in the background.

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