Monday, 3 January 2011

Clougha Pike – Ne’er Day

Ne’er  Day is, of course, New Year’s Day in Glaswegian but this could easily have taken place on April 1st. GJ, whom we had a great day helping complete his sub 18 hour Joss in August 2010 invited us to join the Thursday Night Running Club on their traditional New Year’s Day run up and down Clougha Pike before retiring to Gordon’s house for for food & drink. Having old us where the start was we “knew” this would something like a 3 mile run which seemed very sociable. However, as the cast gathered it became apparent that not everyone would be turning round at Clough a Pike so I joined the group that would go on to Ward’s Stone. “Knowing” it would be a short run I decided to travel light which means a camera and no food or drink which is fine for a short run. At some point even the extension to Ward’s Stone became not far enough and we ended up on a 12 mile tour of the north western corner of Bowland!.

Clougha Pike-001Clougha Pike

Clougha Pike-002Kevin, Joanne (I think) and Kirsty on Clougha Pike.

Clougha Pike-003Kirsty & Steve leaving Clougha Pike

Clougha Pike-004Kirsty & Joanne on their way back from High Stephen’s Head

Clougha Pike-005Kevin & Yiannis descending from High Stephen’s Head


Despite the weather (another dreich day) and the extra miles it was a very enjoyable outing and the hospitality and Gordon’s made it all worthwhile. Thanks for the invite, Gordon and thanks to everyone else for the company and a great start to 2011!

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