Monday, 6 December 2010

Winter Hill – 04 Dec

Friday night’s snow was enough to cover all the footprints and bike tracks on Winter Hill so that it appeared, on Saturday to be a virgin Winter Wonderland. Out of Horwich and up the hill above the quarries was enough to get above Freezing Level so that the thaw’s rain and sleet turned to snow.

Winter Hill 010Back down towards Horwich with only one set of prints in the snow

Winter Hill 012Trees between the quarries

The morning’s snow didn’t last long and although the visibility improved without the snow it remained hazy below the solid cloud cover. The leaden sky threatened more snow all morning long and seemed to suck the last of the colour from the landscape so that all that remained were shapes and textures.


Winter Hill 020Scotsman’s Stump with one of the many masts

The Scotsman’s Stump marks an unsolved mystery and is one of the least intrusive structures at the top of Winter Hill. A little further over, towards Belmont, are a pair of stone gate posts and one is decorated with a bench mark and a plaque commemorating the Winter Hill air disaster of 1958.

Winter Hill 023Gate posts with the bench mark cuts filled with snow with air disaster plaque, partly obscured, above it

Winter Hill 027Kissing Gate near the Trig Point

Winter Hill 031Summit cairn on Noon Hill with Rivington Pike in the distance

Winter Hill 049Frozen waterfall in the Chinese Gardens

Winter Hill 050Frozen pool in the Chinese Gardens

Working my way back to the Trig Point for a second time I came across a group of stud marks, several sets that had all been made at the same time and amongst them was a set that looked like Pauline’s but the group of runners were long gone, I thought. Approaching the Trig Point I saw them disappearing off the other side of the hill but not so far ahead that I wouldn’t be able to catch them. Sure enough, Pauline was in the group and we ran off Winter Hill together before finally descending through the lower slopes’ slush to end the morning with cold, wet feet.


  1. Looking good Ian - Just be wary of the 'lid' on the Scotsmans Stump - I accidently discovered it comes loose!

  2. Thanks Al - I didn't know that, I'll have to have a closer look next time.

  3. Serious Kudos for getting out there in that weather!

    Beautiful but brutal!