Thursday, 30 December 2010

Edgeworth Reservoirs – 28 Dec

You may remember we have a long standing tradition to walk across the moors, on Boxing Day, with our friends Steve & Eileen for lunch at the Strawberry Duck. Last year we were blessed with very fine weather but had to find an alternative hostelry but since then the Strawberry Duck has re-opened. Family commitments and the difficult road conditions conspired against us and we had to delay our visit to the Duck by two days which was just long enough for the thaw to begin – transforming the delightful dry powder snow into ankle deep slush. Not content with providing the worst ground conditions we have ever experienced on this outing the weather added low clouds so that we could see very little on the long, especially long, slog over the moors.

Edgeworth-001Turton & Entwhistle Reservoir dam 


Edgeworth-002The last of the eight miles of slush leading to the Strawberry Duck

Last year was such a complete contrast (Edgeworth Reservoirs) and we were able to stroll back to Belmont in the late afternoon sunshine while this year we had to scuttle beck along the roads to avoid being benighted on the moors. Ah well, it is always good to see old friends, break bread and have a beer and there is always next year to look forward to.

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  1. Great pictures as always Ian - best of luck in 2011, look forward to reading the posts and viewing the great images!