Monday, 27 December 2010

Christmas Day & Boxing Day

CD-100Christmas Eve sunset from Blackrod

So “full of the cold” were we that plans for a run over Winter Hill on Christmas Day were reduced to a gentle stroll up to the Two Lads and back – about 3 miles, perhaps. The sky was was heavily overcast and with most of the Lancashire plain covered in low lying cloud we found ourselves “between layers” and looking at a narrow slot of sunshine off to the south west, towards north Wales.

CD-1000Towards North Wales

“Towards North Wales” shows the town of Horwich and beyond it the inversion begins. The ridge containing Ashurst Beacon pokes through the clouds in the middle distance with the mountains of north Wales in the far distance.


CD-1001Looking South West where the band of sunshine is perfectly placed to silhouette the steam from Fiddlers Ferry power station.

Feeling little improved on Boxing Day we contented ourselves with a late afternoon wander through the woods and across the fields at the back of the house. The snow on the ground is still all powder but the once fluffy snow on the trees has been through some freeze/thaw cycles to produce some interesting shapes.


CD-201Borsdane Wood

CD-200“Draped Snow” on branches

CD-202Hanging Loop of snow


  1. I really enjoyed the photos Thank You Ian. Hope your cold is clearing up. All the best to the family.Regards Trea

  2. Thanks, Trea. We are still suffering together but not as badly as a couple of days ago.