Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wansfell – 20 Nov

With a weekend in Troutbeck for the Kendal Mountain Festival came the opportunity for an early morning run over Wansfell with Colin and Sam, his new three year old trail hound. Cold and frosty when we set off and simply glorious when we reached the ridge.

The KMF exceeded expectations and remains a world class gathering of mountaineers. We went to see the Pou Brothers, a pair of amazing Catalan climbers describing the highlights of their last seven years adventures.

Troutbeck-007The Pou Brothers

Describing his biking and climbing tour “Cycling The Americas”, and more besides, Mark Beaumont was excellent. With plenty of anecdotes, previously unseen footage and plenty of background into the planning and execution of long slow expeditions, he is a highly articulate, down to earth guy.

Finally we saw Kenton Cool introduce Peter Habeler. Kenton could barely contain himself during the introduction and Habeler then just chatted to us, explaining how much fun he had had in the mountains at the other end of the rope from very many great climbers, as though he had been there only to make up the numbers. Clearly he wasn’t only there just to make up the numbers on the first oxygen less ascent of Everest with Reinhold Messner in 1978, or anywhere else. An enthralled audience enjoyed every minute of this very modest, unassuming man’s presentation and it was a privilege to be there.


Peter Habeler and Kenton Cool


South over Windermere


Promise of sunshine


North west over the rest of the Lake District with Ambleside below


Windermere again, still below the inversion


Another early riser enjoying the sunshine


North along Wansfell with Red Screes in the distance (on the left)


  1. Looks spectacular, Ian. Great photos!

  2. We had the week in the Lakes leading up to the Saturday you were up on Wansfell. Friday was a day of sunshine and inversions and we had a great run out over Grey Friar from Cockley Beck to the Old Man and back

  3. Thanks Rhiannon. Picked a good week to be in the Lakes Andrew, we were wishing we had been able to get there earlier in the week.

  4. It was a bit mixed to be honest Ian and Thursday was vile. Still managed to get out and do 30ml / 10,000ft Sun to Fri. First time I'd been back since the summer and was surprised how fit I felt tbh. 200,000ft+ of climb must have stayed be in the legs!