Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mallorca – Soller Streets

Between the storms and, usually after the mountains, the streets of Soller and its port offer never ending variety and charm in complete contrast with the metropolitan streets most of us are more familiar with. The climate makes it easier, of course, to extend shops, bars and cafes into the streets and squares but that it only part of the story.

M_2010_streets-009Late afternoon by the harbour

M_2010_streets-011He who gets his own way

M_2010_streets-004They don’t make them like this anymore

M_2010_streets-002Spanish Glass


M_2010_streets-001Household Goods and much more

M_2010_streets-003Shoe Shop



M_2010_streets-006Patisserie (I)

M_2010_streets-007Patisserie (II)

M_2010_streets-008Patisserie (III)

M_2010_streets-010Later in the evening

With considerable will power we resisted the patisserie, avoided the sangria and enjoyed the brandy.

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